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The popular website goo.gl closes

Google will close the goo.gl resource. It is used to shorten links to Internet sites. Initially, short links were used on Twitter, where the restriction was valid — the length of one tweet should not exceed 140 characters. «Contractor» can be any link in two dozen characters.

Google URL Shortener was launched in 2009, according to the corporate blog. «Since then, there have been many other popular services to reduce URLs, and the ways of searching for content on the Internet have changed,» — underline in Google.

Instead, goo.gl will launch the Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) system. Intelligent URLs will be able to «send users anywhere on iOS, Android, or a web application.»

Alternatively, Google offers Bitly and Ow.ly resources to users. Links created with goo.gl earlier will continue to work, and statistics on them will also be tracked.